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it appears the man hunt for fugitive excop christopher dorner has come to an end. but not before another police officer was killed. >> our thoughts are with their family. the police of san bernardino. with the sheriff of this that county. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the former l.a.
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police officer vent on revenge is blamed for several shootings including today 's death of an officer. ken wayne is in the newsroom with late details. >> reporter: around 12:20 this afternoon one of four people held hostage by christopher dor ner for the last few days got lose and called police. >> the suspect rolled his window down. when the sect patrol truck came up with the two wardens inside, that's when he engaged in a shooting with our wardens as they were driving. >> reporter: after a rolling gunfight in chase, the armed suspect crashed and fled into a
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vacant cabin. san bernardino police swarmed in. the suspect tried to escape by using a smoke grenade but retreated back to the cabin but not before shooting two san bernardino police officers. >> one of our officers has been wounded and unfortunately one of our deputies was killed. >> reporter: the cabin erupted in flames although it's not clear how the fire started. the l.a. times reports police heard a single gunshot before the house burns down. tonight authorities could not confirm earlier today that dorner's body was found in the confirmed cabin. >> there was a suspect who fled into the forest. barricaded himself into a
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cabin. engaged in gunfire with deputy sheriff. shot two of our deputy sheriffs and killed one and we believe he is still inside that building that caught fire. >> reporter: dorner is a former l.a. police officer who says he was wrongly fired. his lengthy police manifesto says he will go after law enforcement. >> i want to thank fire and local law enforcement who day and night tried to bring christopher dorner to justice. >> reporter: police say they will wait overnight to determine whether the body is dorner's. ktvu news. stay with ktvu and for continuing coverage. we will bring you developments
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out of southern california as they happen. now to tonight's state of the union address before a joint session of congress and president obama's question to lawmakers. >> together we have cleared away the rubble of crisis and we can say with renewed confidence that the state of our union is stronger. >> reporter: ktvu's jaquelin fell is at the capital. >> reporter: the president wants to grow and strengthen the middle class. he says that he can create jobs without growing the nation's debt. >> it is our unfinished task to restore the basic bargain that built this country. the idea that if you work hard and meet your responsibilities you can get ahead. >> reporter: president obama is
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calling for a higher minimum wage expanding early education and spending more to fix the road's infrastructure this without adding to the nation's debt. >> it's not a bigger government we need but a smarter government that sets priorities and invests in wide growth. >> reporter: president obama says his main priority is growing the economy. in the audience apple ceo kim cook. the president called on congress to revent billions of the dollars in cuts scheduled to take place on march 1st. with jobs, services and the nation on the line, residents turn out to protest. >> it hurt -- hurts me deeply when they have to play politics
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with the nation's lives. the president announced 34,000 troops will withdraw from afghanistan by this time next year. that puts the u.s. on track to end the war by the end of 2014. reporting live in washington, jaqueline fell, ktvu news. the republicans chose marco rubio. he is considered the new face of the party with latino backgrounds and humble beginnings. >> it isn't bestowed on us from washington it comes from a vibrant free economy where people can risk their own money to open a business. >> reporter: rubio criticized the president's plan for tax increases suggesting big government only hurts business. stay with the 10:00 news with continuing coverage. we caught up with elected leaders from the bay area. their reaction to the
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president's address at 10:45, plus the issues that got the attention of bay area college students watching tonight. also ahead, does this man want to be president. we posed that exact question to gavin newsom tonight at 10:30. a suspected domestic terror suspect is expected to appear in federal court to answer charges that he planned to blow up a bank last week. authorities say 28-year-old matthew aaron laneza of san jose attempted to detonate a car bomb but his accomplice was an understand cover fbi agent and the bomb was a fake. the government alleges he's a taliban sympathizers. barry bonds is appealing
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his sole conviction. a three judge panel will hear the case. there's no time frame for a decision. investigators in current county are trying to figure out what caused a single car crash that killed four teenagers from oakland. it happened yesterday afternoon near california city along state highway 57 in the high desert southeast. five people were in the car at the time. several of whom are related. the victims are identified as maria moa, david moa, george moa and rachel fisiahi all under 20 years old. another patient was flown to the hospital. the freshman basketball team dedicated their game to a teammate who is in a medically induced coma after being hit by
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a car. they plan to honor their teenager honsby. he broke his legs and also suffered traumatic brain injury when the car hit him yesterday afternoon. >> they won't be able to tell me if he had brain damage until they start taking him. clayton valley won the game 52- 46. thousands of revelers took to the streets of new orleans. this is the live web video from new orleans tonight. fat tuesday is the last day to let lose before the lent. it's not unusual to see people
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bearing down on drinks and some go as far as baring their soul. people are celebrating tonight, amber -- >> reporter: julie we are in downtown san jose. now in the spot this is a popular spot for revelers but tonight we see more police officers than we see people looking for a good time. over here we have these no stopping signs keeping cars from being parked here along santa clara street. still some people started celebrating hours ago. a few drinks -- some jell-o shots and a platter of crawfish. >> that's the way we do it. >> the sights and sounds of new orleans in san jose. >> this was given to me but a very nice biker man. this is blues clues. >> reporter: one of the busiest nights of the year. another mardi gras tradition being observed the crowning of
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a king and queen. the owner tells us his goal is to have a great party for people of all ages. >> we're going to have a great time with our family and enjoy mardi gras without being a drunken mess. >> reporter: many people dressed up and said they will take advantage of the last day. >> it means you really appreciate the things you're giving up or you're just going to go to excesses. >> reporter: in case people go to excesses, police tell us extra officers are patrolling the streets tonight. we've seen officers pulling cars over for light violations. people say they're ready for the revelers. a college student shot in
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the head during a bus stop robbery. how she managed to go three hours without knowing the extend of her injury you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet?
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[ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. a college student is recovering tonight after being shot in the head and robbed while waiting for the bus. ktvu's matt keller is live now
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in santa cruz with this girl's amazing story of survival, matt. >> reporter: this is the bus stop where the victim was sitting last night. police say these trees and brush behind her gave the robber the cover he needed to commit this crime. a 21-year-old uc santa cruz student was the victim of a brutal crime at around 7:30 here at this bus stop about 100 yards away from the entrance and few miles away from campus. the thing is she didn't realize just how brutal the crime was until later that night. a man pointed a rifle at her and glanded everything in her pockets. that's when she was hit in the back of the head by the bud in the rival. >> the doctors here at do hip can hospital realized it was a give up shot wound. investigators tell me that the bullet entered' an traveled all the way through here before finally coming to a stop. and never penetrating the second layer of the school. >> she was amazing.
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she was able to pay aten to her surrounds. >> there is were always to remove the weather immediately. a uc santa cruz students september out the e-mails. told us about the move on campus. >> you know really just can't stand at a bus stop alone. first thing you're waiting for the bus and trying to two to school and something like that happens? >> reporter: santa cruz police just september me this sketch in the past 15 minutes. the sketch is described. the victim said he has a rough voice and was unshaven. a pt cruiser was circling the area before the robbery. the suspect is now asking for
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police. police identified oscar garcia. was sitting in the garage of a home on east wood and humble streets around 8:30 when someone drove up and opened fire. a neighbor says the shooting sense it on able. you know multiple shots. the orange thing i could do is take my teams. >> it appears people in the gram did run fire. this w-z the sets time in vallejo in just the past few
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weeks. police have not said whether young aimed hit weapon at officers or attempted to fire. they say more details will be released tomorrow when the district attorney is expected to file charges against him. the san jose city council wrote a bill . that's the voter approved emergency that bans several mayier kwrors. he has said he supports the will of california voters. the od od supreme court is scheduled to hear allocated. the steel plated g3 will the
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used to and -- the wind cross fire. commuters avoiding the recent spike at the gas pump by taking b.a.r.t. could soon see a spike there as well. healther holmes is live with a new round of increases that b.a.r.t. is going to continue later on this week. >> get ready to add more cash to our board. after a long day of work. talk about another fair increase is not commonnists wanted to do. >> reporter: the b.a.r.t. board of directors is said to consider a 5.2% fare increase for a year and a number of increases by 2020.
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the amount is tied up to competition. >> it adds up if you go weekly and you go monthly, oh my god it ends up. the round trip ride would go up $141. daily city riders would shell out $74 more a year. >> i think they should consider the average working person that not everyone can afford these fair increases. >> b.a.r.t. director james spain disagrees with high fairs and parking fees. instead he want it is agency to tap into the $13 million sur must he says it has and will continue that riders are shown a little love. >> what i think we need to do while the economy is still a little tentative in its
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recovery is to see if we can give the writers a break. even if it's just one year. but back and forth staff says it need these increases to keep the reporting live tonight here in lafayette, i'm heather holmes. b.a.r.t. police are cracking down on scammers who are selling tickets that have been tampered with. officials say they've arrested eight people in just the last eight weeks. the tickets are real b.a.r.t. tickets but they've been altered. passengers are allowed to leave the station but when it comes to it. temperatures off a mile. let me come in a little moisture.
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you see earlier today but now it's filling in. so the kosal fog and the fog is filling up tonight. what i an teus pace is patchy fog. kind of like we saw this morning then it goes away. tomorrow a lot like tomorrow but warmer. forecast highs tomorrow. these were your numbers from today. hero, class cy tornadoes. we'll see lots of snow and foot show wear. how long can it get in february, we're going to find out. we have the forecast high for your neighborhood and i think you will be surprised on how warm it gets here. >> hundreds of fish there is no mass-produced human.
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the international olympic committee announced it intends to drop wrestling from the olympic games in 2020. the decision stunned a lot of people. the economy says it wants to add a more contemporary sport to the summer games but it can also reinstate wrestling at a later date. several states are now applying. a final vote is scheduled for september. now this decision from the ioc has left a lot of olympic hopefuls. >> reporter: isaiah trains at home. the california state champion as 113 pounds going 51-0 as a
11:55 pm
high school sophomore following a state finish as a freshman. winning a gold medal has been a lifelong dream. today's proposal to drop wrestling was a shot. >> to get rid of that it'll be really hurtful to -- i'd be really sad. >> 2020 is the year that we had planned for isaiah to be in the olympics. >> how do you adjust now? >> we stay focused we're not going to go down without a fight. >> reporter: the ifb decision has sparked questions throughout the world. >> all you need is wrestling shoes. for somer you need a ball. those type of sports are huge for environments where there's not a lot of resources. >> because so many competitors all around the world that's what they train for their whole
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lives. and to -- it's sad to think they would get rid of so many people's dreams of competing in the olympics. >> a dream he's not ready to give up. a broken pipe on the peninsula has spent thousands of gallons of chlorinated water kills an estimated 400 fish. the small amount of chlorine in the water makes it safe to drink but it can be deadly to fish. they confirm fish kill include steel head trout. the san francisco euc says workers added chemicals and are releasing water upstream now to try to die lute the chlorine. a disabled carnival cruise ship is slowly being towed to mobile alabama. it has had no running walter since sunday when the fire knock out power. more than 400 passengers are complaining about overflowing toilets and long lines for
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food. the ceo of carnival is apologizing for the conditions. it is expected to arrive in alabama late tomorrow or thursday. reinventing government, a ktvu exclusive.
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new video now of a two alarm fire in healdsburg. the first reports came in 10:00. by the time firefighters arrived flames were spreading quickly and crews called for a second alarm. after more than a few hours it was mostly out and firefighters
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were tackling small fires inside the building. no injuries have been reported. a grueling cycling race that spans california has bay area businesses are excited about the change. the race starts may 12 in escondido. this year it will end in mount diablo. creating a perfect opportunity for the owner of this bike shop in mount diablo. chris rodriguez says he's working with the city council. virgin is adding direct flights to austin texas
12:01 am
starting may 24-point. it was a mixed day on wall street today the dow gained 47 points to close above the 14,000 mark. it is now 146 point shy of its record high that was set back in october of 2007. comcast says it is speeding up it purchase of umbc universal. now it plans to buy the other 49 perfect from general e heck trick for nearly $17 billion. this deal is speeding up the sales project which was expected to take several years. comcast is also spending half a million dollars. the vote went across party
12:02 am
lines to send hagel's nomination. hagel is a former police officer senate and really on the breaking point. gavin newsom is chris crossing the country to promote his rue cently submitted. the kind of book you might expect from a politician who has higher as separations. so does this mean gavin newsom wants to be president? in tonight's special report ktvu's mike pháemy back answers that question. >> will you ever run for the presidency? >> that answer in a bit. but first we want to take you inside a building on a floor where his small disk is located right across from folks. >> yeah, here it goes. you think i talk a lot. look at this thing. >> reporter: it's only fitting we find him so close to entrepreneurs since newsom described himself as more
12:03 am
businessman than politician. >> business, because i want to -- i love ideas and want to solve problems. >> he learned a lot as major of san francisco with a job he just can't seem to shake. >> every staff, i pasted my own backs of corners. there's a tsunami coming and we're about to walk right into it. >> 50% of approval in congress and only 3% of it will get here. let's not be proscriptive on how we open this platform does as steve jobs did in the world world. to begin to te sign solutions in their own imagine. >> newsom says our government is old and dusty. and today is it's failing. watch there's a device between government and the public sector. it's big, growing and causes
12:04 am
taxpayers. >> now you can go and get an app for the thing people are spending lots and lots of years. >> governor newsom says the biggest challenge, today survival. the question though is will he continue to climb that political matter if so can he survive? >> i think he's now being successful in politics and the penmanship based on how this book sells will evidence if he's a long term true patient. >> former san francisco major willie brown says me sph is a natural executive as he traveled the nation on this current book tour. >> will you ever run for the
12:05 am
presidency. >> reporter: of the united states? >> literally truly. >> all politicians will tell you no until they are sworn in. while newsom didn't say yes or no to the presidency he does say he has interest in running for government again. he says dropping out of the ray back in october of 2009 one of his best moves. >> it's allowed me to opportunity to get smarter and more thoughtful about government as we know it not just in the station but across the country. across the country he now goes on his first national space. and hopefully some day to. >> we've posted more of our interview with newsom. if you have an idea for a ktvu special report. e-mail us. send your tip to us at i report
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at the seat can announced where pope benedict will list. pop benedict will live in a four story monastery in vatican city. the cardinals are expected to vote on the. up first
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the carbonated beverage four loko is now required to put an alcohol fax panel on the back of the can and also create a container that can be resealed for double servings. each can contains as much alcohol for four to five standard beers. the drink maker gained some popularity. these pictures come from a gas station on san pablo and el cebrante that was robbed january 30th in a game. authorities say a fast food restaurant was banned. anyone with information on this robbery is asked to call the sheriff's department. test of time. today a time's reporter defended his critical reviews saying his test drive ended
12:10 am
when the cook ke ao the times reporter violated three time conditions. must says the reporter took a lengthy detour through heavy manhattan traffic and that the reporter substantially exceeded the freeway speed limit. >> if you do all those three things which we were very clear. should not be done and obviously common sense suggests it should not be done. then you will not be able to go as far. but the reporter says the dashboard remember charging complete before he set off and that the detour in manhattan was only 2-miles long. he may have driven for all white. in news of the world, in north korea people cheered word
12:11 am
of the positive nuclear test. meantime the united nationed security council held an emergency meeting. neighbors kaául it a great nomination of somber. and in the city of santos. in france, hundreds of residents polled. most french people support same- sex marriage but fewer back adoption. former san francisco 19er bub baa harris are going to the
12:12 am
police station. por russ failed to open terms on more than $182,000 in income. he now faces three misdemeanor charges. each carries 100 0u fine. even was the our analyst. he had no yours truly for it
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we may do different jobs and wear different uniforms and hold different views than the person beside us but as americans we all share the same proud title. we are citizens. the president appealed to all americans to work together
12:15 am
to write the next chapter in the bay area story. bay area residents gave the president high marks for his speech tonight. >> he should reassure our country he's on the right spot, we can be in another difficult pressure. >> definitely measured numbers in the future. that's what it's going to forlow -l itself. as many households watched the president's state of union address so did our future leaders. ken pritchett tells us which issues resinated the morse with students at santa clara university. the signs read pizza and politics and the chalked
12:16 am
message was watch before coming. >> i will direct my cabin to take executive ages we can take now and in the future. a prepare our communities from drawing down troops in fan. >> i'm not sure if i agree with raising the minimum wage. i don't think that will help inprove and increase jobs. >> many agreed it was at the end when the president did his job. >> the families of newtown deserve a vote. >> reporter: it was a moment
12:17 am
made for congress. >> we really pushed congress to take up these issues that have been important to him in the last four years. >> reporter: one thing that did not go as unnoticed is the number for the basement crowd. ken pritchett, ktvu news. attending stanford university is going to cost you more money tomorrow. by compareson the cost back in 1970 was $2,400. sanford has a program which offs free tuition to families making more than $00,000 a year. if you earn more than 60,000 there is tuition and board. -z somewhere a new law helping protect residents are making a difference. the real estate website reports a 60% decline in california decline notices in january from
12:18 am
december. there were 5-inch defall notes last phoábt. that is the lodgest number for the state -- that is the latest number for the state. an italian newspaper is planning to exhibit tequila. the picture was taken while the two were enjoying their vacation. maybe a little coastal valley patch. again we have going to the north of us and you see all the energy moving in. expect for the s-rs fashion. little bank is starting to fill in but right there you see it back up. right now that flow is kind of bobs off so we're seeing the
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coastal closing pushing in to san jose. tomorrow is a repeat of what we had today expect it's going to be just a little warmer. temperatures should make it into the 60s. probably warmer than that. temperatures in some places cooler than they were yesterday. these new overnight low forecast. 35 in vallejo, 46 in santa rosa. by lunch their ticket if back and -- warmer that's the headline as we go into thursday morning. temperatures could reach into the upper 60s. it's going to be a hedge of a
12:20 am
nice day. there were changes on the horizon. latest computer moles -rs have a chance as we go into thursday and friday as well 679 that's auld kind o of digit tp-rd that -t that's not what i'm talking about dry, dry, drive, 64 in gal roy. next week should look tkpweufrpbd. a couple of model shops have been consistent on bridging the new air in. that's a big change because about three days ago there was nothing else past five or eight days. >> we're watching it because the new year's day parade shows rain. >> we have rain for that day. >> thanks bill. the legal battle over the sharp park golf course is not over yet. the park is owned by san
12:21 am
francisco and located in pacifica. a group of environmental the suit. they lost. environmentalists look for more than half a million dollars. >> plus fat
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♪ >> a mardi gras party started several hours ago in san francisco and it's sure to get larger as the evening wears on. this is the seventh year the fillmore district is holding a party. it ends with a masquerade ball. no celebrating tonight for warriors and sharks fans. >> what is happening? >> slim tuesday pickings tuesday. >> good one. >> warriors man they need a break to fix what's broken. a couple of weeks ago play offs looking like a shoe in now they're getting stepped on by
12:25 am
everyone. they get five straight losses. harrison barn slicing to jam it. up four in the first quarter. curry himself had 27 to lead the warriors nice little floater after the back board. he had six assists too. they were only down one at the half. houston just had their way in the third and fourth quarter making it look easy. james harden you get him in the open court forget it. 27 points to lead the rockets. they win going away once again. 107-double down by the way for jeremy lin 14 points, 10 assists not what you call absolutely eye popping stats. but the man who the áf developed into full blown linsanity is settling in and does not miss the madison square madness. >> there's no way you can keep that up in terms of not just on
12:26 am
the court, off the court everything. the hype, the buzz. definitely i'm glad that things have settled down and i'm just a young player trying to get better. i'm far from a finished product i have so much to grow and improve on. humility, class act right there. losing looked like an impossibility for the sharks since the season started. now winning looks impossible. country song heartbreak in nashville tennessee. scoreless through regulation the best chance nashville gabriel already beats niemi who was brilliant. so they go to ot. patty marlow shot. but that was the sharks best effort as scoring. now at 208 left, collin williams will win it right there for the predators and now you've got yourself a sixth game winless streak after the sharks starred the season 7-0.
12:27 am
how to explain it? that little guy looks heartbroken down there in nashville. spring training has arrived potentially to take our mind off the shark and warrior failings. the a's adding to their solid bullpen with over the radar signing of ukajima. that's the sporting life for a tuesday night. we'll start bringing in those spring training videos. >> somebody has to win around here. >> it's all downhill after the super bowl. >> turn it around. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> and join us for the morning news, hello?
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the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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